TC04 - Moodle tutorial for teachers

Monitoring student's activity

Create reports

Moodle logs any changes to the course. These logs store the information in minute detail, and show the overall user activity.

The system administrator, or the teachers, can create a list from the log entries with this option.

For this option, choose the Reports link from the Administration block of any the courses.


By default, it can create a daily list about the current course activity, which can then be filtered on demand. In the pop-up window, choose the proper elements and create a list. You can also set the courses and the activities for inclusion in the listing during a given period.

After specifying the filter criteria, click the Get these Logs button.


The list displays the events in chronological order. The IP address is the ID of the computer, from which the request is received by the Moodle server. Click the name to look at a particular user's profile, and in the Steps column you can read the recorded activity. By clicking this activity you can read it.

Returning to the previous page an Activity report is also available. This link creates a list about all activities grouped by topics, where access numbers are totalled along with the last access date.

activity report