TC01A02 - E-learning experiences

Indentification No: TC01A02

1. Description

Why e-Learning? Write a brief summary about your experiences and thoughts on e-learning so far.

2. Requirements

1. Your first task is to fill out the Tenegen questionnaire on the site:
The aim of this questionnaire is to assess your prior knowledge as you start the TC01 course. In order to be able to fill out the questionnaire, you will have to register on the site.

2. In addition, please answer the following questions:

a) Have you been involved with devising e-learning based solutions before?
b) What are your ideas about, and goals for, this course?
c) What are your expectations of the course?
d) Do you have any real opportunities to involve 'net learning' solutions in your own pedagogical work? Under which conditions are you expected to deliver these solutions, and is there any demand from the students' side?
e) What is your opinion about the video presentation: "Schools kill creativity"? Are the lecturer's thoughts and considerations accurate? If you think they are, can e-learning help to alleviate the problem?

3. Methods

You are free to publish your summary report:

a) in your blog (learning diary), or
b) directly here in this on-line document;

If you choose a), then you must include a link to your blog.

4. Evaluation

This tutor-evaluated assignment carries a maximum attainable score of 20 points.