TC01A03GR - Net Generation - collaborative work

Assignment: TC01A03GR

1. Description

Participants should discuss the conclusions of the individual contributions (TC01A03E) to the subject of the "Net Generation". The discussion should reflect commonly held opinions, as well as different opinions.

2. Requirements

Each participant is asked to discover the learning and networking attitudes of his/her students. In this assignment, you are asked to collaborate by discussing this topic. and to arrive at an agreed position.
Please give group answers to the questions in part 3.

3. Questions

• What are students' learning habits of in your own country (those between the ages of 13-18)?
• Do you know their Internet use habits?
• How important are virtual communities for them?
• Is the expression: "they are always turned on” true for them?
• How could the time spent on the Internet be better utilized at school? Do we have the tools, methods, or approaches to do this?

4. Method

As a platform for collaboration you are free to use video conferences or discussions on the common forum (Agora). Your tutor should be able to follow the collaboration, so please inform him or her about your decision.

Submission: you should appoint one person from the group to summarise the discussions in a single Word document ,which should also contain the names of the other collaborators in the group. The Word document should be uploaded as a "Publication" entry through the Tenegen portal.

5. Evaluation

Submittals will be evaluated by a tutor. A maximum of 10 points can be earned in this assignment, and there is a dependency here on how active each participant was in the collaborative work.

(1) Diana G. Oblinger and James L. Oblinger: "Educating the Net Generation", EDUCAUSE, 2005. EDUCAUSE - EDU College And University System Exchange