TC01A04-Web 2.0 tools with Pedagogical Objectives

Identification: TC01A04

1. Description

You should chose two Web 2.0 tools which you think might be useful for your pedagogical practice.
Write up your ideas on how you could integrate them into your work. We welcome creative ideas!

2. Requirements

  • Briefly describe the tools chosen
  • Which subjects have you chosen these tools for and why?
  • What pedagogical objectives can these tools be connected to, e.g.:
    • conveying new information,
    • deepening comprehension,
    • clarifying concepts,
    • improving the ability for independent learning,
    • stimulating attention,
    • improving web based creative activities,
    • helping with community-based work,
    • ...
  • Describe which lesson parts are suitable for using this tool, in what ways (e.g. frontal instruction, teamwork, homework, etc.), and at what times you incorporate this into your ideas?
  • What sort of technological information and technical backgrounds are needed? Are they provided in your school -- e.g. through IT support -- or can you set-up the tool on your own? If help is needed, will you receive it?

3. Methods

You are free to publish your summary report

a) in your blog (learning diary) or
b) directly here in this on-line document

If you chose a), then you must include a link to your blog.

4. Evaluation

Submittals will be evaluated by the tutor. A maximum of 20 points can be earned in this assignment.