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Reflecting on the forum

If you are already in the forum, you can choose from the different topics:


After having chosen a topic, you will be offered a combobox, to set the type of the order of the posts - please select what you prefer!order of the posts

Now you can read the reflections of others, you can read them, and choose the one you want to reflect on:


Below to the post you may see three options (Edit, Delete, Reply), or if you do not have right to delete, you will see only the link "Reply". Please click it, and then scroll to the text editor window, end write your reflection!

Having finished the editing you are asked to choose again among some options, please do it as you please.


You can decide wether you want to get an e-mail about your post, you may attach a file to your post (by searching for it among your files with the "Browse" button. If you click "Mail now", your post will be published at once, otherwise you have 30 minutes to edit, correct the text before the system will publish it.