1st week:

In the first week your most important task is to get acquainted with the curriculum, search for educational materials and a learning object that you can create on your own, too. After that you have to upload that learning object into Moodle and give its metadata.

Let's get started!

  • Enter the module TC03 - Educational ICT tools!
  • Complete the self-evaluation test.
  • Look at the learning instructions and the learning path.
  • Read the lessons, the first book "TC03 - ICT tools in education" (click on the little book icon).
  • There are some short exercises inside the book you better do but they are not compulsory!


  • ICT tools in education

  • Picture editing

  • Sound editing

  • Video editing

Other tasks

  • Please keep your notes, blog up-to-date!
  • Join the discussions on the Forum. Reflect to the questions!
  • Give your notes to the lessons in the "Editorial Room" if you disagree with something or if you have some comments. You'll find it in the storage room!
  • Ask your tutor, instructor, or your Tenegen classmates!
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