The most important task on this week will be to get acquainted with each-other and with the Moodle learning enviroment!

Let's start!

  1. Please introduce yourself on the common forum "Agora"!
  2. Enter the module TC01 - E-learning concept"! Find the book "TC01- Lecture notes, readings, exercises", click the book icon! You find in the book separated lessons, with tinies (small tasks) in each of them! Please read the lessons and try to carry on the tinies!
  3. If you have some free time take a walk around the portal, the icons in the lefside block "Laboratory" will help you to navigate!


Introduction and looking around
Learning environment
Forum, Diary)

  • Creativity
  • Learning tools
  • Laboratory


  • You have to keep your learning diary! How shall it be done? 

You are free

  • to write your blog inside the Moodle

HelpTo do so the guide will help you: How to write blogs in Moodle? Clicking the questionmark (anywhere in the portal) you will be navigated to the guideline!

  • to use an own created outside of the Moodle environment in any free blogger 

To do so please find book in TC01 called "Google Blogger", it will help you to create a public blog on the net.

  • Join to the forum discussions and reflect to the questions!
  • Give your notes, ideas of the lessons to the "Editorial Room" -if you disagree with something or if you have some comments!

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