The purpose of this week is to digest the netgeneration surway we have done and to supplement it with a few little things during your activities with framework systems.

To do

  • Complete the self-evaluation test again and write your conclusion in the progress diary!
  • Complete the evaluation test for week 3!
  • Participate in the presentation of teamwork TC01A3GR: supplement it with the experiences you have gained when conducted your survey with your questionnare!



  • exercises


If you ran ahead too much mosoly, return with a few pages in the lesson because you'll find a lot more small tasks to be completed as before!


  • You have to maintain your learning diary!
  • Join to the discussions held on forum and reflect to the questions!
  • Give your notes of the lessons in the "Editorial Room" if you disagree with something or if you have some comments. You'll find it in the storage room!
  • Register your blog in the common blogs!
  • Add RSS to your blog and insert it on the "Bulletin Board"

In case you don't know something

1. ASK !!! (It is not your fault if you don't know. There are two possible answers: as we all know exactly: technology is far not being so intelligent as to serve you the way you deserve!

2. Look around the video storage. You can find a lot of small guidelines!

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