In the 4th week we focus on the academic knowledge of multimedia, educational material related to meultimedia and the history of multimedia. Despite the fact of its "less" importance in the age of e-learning 2.0 do not get deceived. This subject must be investigated a little.


• Complete your third week self evaluation test again and put a note of your conclusions in your learning diary!
• Complete the evaluation test for the 4th week!
• Read the lessons and do the oddments at the end if you feel them important.
• This week is the deadline for exercise TC01A03GR . According to the self-analyses the team has to make a summary together. Discussions should concentrate to the "Net Generation" on the group forums. The results must be published in the team blogs!


• in education,
• in communication,
• evaluating it.
Web 2.0

• Continue writing your learning diary!
• Get involved in the application of the second (the first is: web 2.0 tools in the lesson called "Storytelling"
• Pay attention on the discussions and news on Agora. Get involved in community forum conversations about the net generation. Contribute the solution of exercise TC01A03GR with your own survey results.
• Check if the tutor evaluated your exercises sent in. If not ask him/her to do so!

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