The detailed introduction of web 2.0 tools would be an impossible enterprise. They multiply day by day, so this chapter can only be an introduction. It is an open question everywhere in the world how tese could be used in teachers work. These few lessons are mainly intended to show how easy is to use them because it does not require professional computer knowledge. So everyone who sees some fantasy in using it with his or her students should adopt it. Looking at the pedagogical features is the subject of the next module (TC02).


  • Complete the self-evaluation test for week 4 again and write your conclusions in your progress diary!
  • Complete your evaluation test for week 5!
  • Read the lessons and do the tinies at the end of the lessons if you feel them important. On 28 November module TC01 will be completed. However, practically is is not done. Firstly, because anyone can return to it if it is worth so (reading or talking about it); secondly, because many of you joined the course late. They can continue working on it.
  • An important task is waiting for you before you enter module TC02.

• TC01A04 -is the pedagogical assay of the two chosen tools of web 2.0.
• TC01A05 - is to complete a simple review test. It can be completed several times and the best result will be evaluated.

Very important to fill in feedback to evaluate the module TC01. This is going to be anonim - and giving honest answers to our questions is very important for us!


Web 2.0
• panorama
• Bookmark
• Map of Ideas
• Community networks
• Personal frontpage
• Tales, stories
• Creative Commons

Small - or not so small - things to do for the week?

You have to create a personal frontpage, an map of ideas, and a personal community page. And we would like you to tell us a story in web 2.0 stile. You must know that all this is not compulsory but more practise makes you more professional!

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