TC05 Sharing Open Learning Objects
TC05A01 TC05A02 TC05A03 TC05A04
Activity in collaboration Collaborative definition of a Learning Object Production of Scorm compliant LOs Report about the potential using LOs and Web 2.0 tools
20 20 40 20

TC04 Design, establishing and evaluating e-learning course in Moodle
TC04A01 TC04A02 TC04A03 TC04A04
Activity in collaboration Establishing a Moodle course Testing couse in Moodle Evaluate the e-learning event
20 30 30 20

TC03 Educational ICT tools
TC03A01 TC03A02 TC03A03 TC03A04 TC03A05a TC03A05b
Activity in collaboration Selecting or creating e-learning objects Integrating the elements in a presentation or in web page
Designing curriculum and synopsis for e-learning event
Designing and create storyboard for e-learning event
Online test
20 15 15 20 20 10

TC02 Networked learning
TC02A01 TC02A02 TC02A03 TC02A04 TC02A05
Activity in collaboration Create a detailed, well structured e-portfolio Active participation in a social network Blog as an educational tool Online game in the curriculum
30 20 10 20 20

TC01 E-learning concepts
TC01A01 TC01A02 TC01A03E-G TC01A04 TC01A05
Activity in collaboration Evaluation report on the e-learning state-of the art in own pedagogical practice Reporting about the networking attitude and culture of the students Selecting two collaborative web 2.0 tools and evaluate them in blogposts
Online test
30 20 15+10 20 10

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