First week

Getting to know the new module, the basic concepts (ICT, multimedia element, interactivity...) Reading the theoretical parts. Element editing, collecting. Metadata.

  1. To be active on the forums. (TC03A01)
  2. Complete the self evaluation test
  3. Keeping your notes, blog up-to-date.
  4. Editing a learning object or collecting one and uploading it. (TC03A02)

Second week

Integration, Presentation making, Webpage editing.

  1. Collaboration (TC03A01)
  2. Integration of a learning object into a presentation (PowerPoint) or into a Moodle webpage (TC03A03)

Third week

Planning of a course, writing a synopsis.

  1. Collaboration (TC03A01)
  2. Uploading the synopsis (TC03A04)

Fourth week

Planning of a course, writing a storyboard.

  1. Collaboration (TC03A01)
  2. Collaboration experiences - summary (TC03A01)
  3. Uploading the storyboard (TC03A05a)
  4. TC03 module test - (TC03A05b)
  5. Assessment of the module

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