TC03 - Website editing

Web editing

Aims of learning Learning objectives

When you have completed this session, you should be able to

  • list some website editors,
  • create simple webpages in Moodle.

Webpage editors

WordTo publicate on the Internet you no more need to know HTML. The most widespread word processors, like MS Word already know this language. You can convert the document you are editing into a web page with the Save As Webpage command in the File menu. The result can be published on the Internet. You better know that not every part of the document will appear in exactly the same form as in a .doc file, but the differences are really specific. It has a drawback on the other hand. In word processors the converter algorithm is too complicated and that is why the code contains a lot of "unnecessary" parts that make the file bigger and the code more immens.

There are a lot of professional softwares on the market which are suitable not only for editing simple pages but for editing complex websites (which consist of more pages). Such a software is Adobe Dreamweaver, formerly a Macromedia product. To find a free software for editing more simple webpages you can choose from thousands of applications on the Internet.

These softwares make HTML editing easier with a lot of features. They give you options from you can choose, you can edit the properties visually e.g. in a design view (WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get), or you can view the code and the design next to each other at the same time.