How to "scormizise" a LO [2 ROSSZ LINK!]

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What are the functions of the files in the folder called UsefulFiles? How can they allow communication with the platform in a SCORM compliant way?

This element tries to answer these questions in not too technical language. However some basic knowledge of HTML is unavoidably required.


A "frame" web page is a page that is empty of any content and that is divided into a number of boxes, each of which link to a web page that opens within the frame itself.

We need a two-box frame.


In one box, e.g. the upper one, we will use for our actual web pages, so let's insert the link to the first one, which we will give a name to. All the others will then open in the same frame.

The second box will be used only for Javascript functions (as nothing will be made visible in this area, it will be of zero size)


Here is the function called loadPage() that is contained in the file SCOFunction.js:

function loadPage(){ var result = doLMSInitialize();
var status = doLMSGetValue( "cmi.core.lesson_status" );
if (status == "not attempted")
{ // the student is now attempting the lesson doLMSSetValue( "cmi.core.lesson_status", "incomplete" ); }
exitPageStatus = false; startTimer();

The variable cmi.core.lesson_status, if it containes the value "not attempted" , will be set as "incomplete" . It is called startTimer() function.



When one gets out of the page the function called unloadPage() contained in the file SCOFunction.js is made active:

function unloadPage(){ if (exitPageStatus != true) { doLMSSetValue( "cmi.core.lesson_status", "completed" ); doQuit(); }

The variable cmi.core.lesson_status is set as "completed".

This element if finished. Go on to the next step from the menu or go back to check the parts you are not sure of.

The information provided is for those who wish to know more but it is not necessary for those who simply want to make their own LOs SCORM compliant.