Open Educational Resources and Repositories


The potential of free access to repositories of educational resources is the result of several theoretical and technological advances which have occurred during the past decades, including:

  • The Open Source / Free Software Movement, that has influenced the development of similar initiatives in the field of Open Content;
  • The Internet, as the infrastructure to exchange digital content;
  • The Open Educational Resources initiative
  • Copyleft licenses which allow the sharing of digital content

However, we think that the most important factor that can make the sharing of educational resources possible is the teacher who wishes to produce and share educational resources, who wants to cooperate with colleagues thoughout the world to build repositories of resources, and who has the skills necessary to produce Open Educational Resources.

One of the aim of the Sloop project, as well as of the Tenegen project, is to provide teachers with the necessary competences and skills, and to encourage them in producing Open Educational Resources.