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Saving or embedding MindMeister map

After you finished your MinMap in MindMeister, you can save your drawing in different format (depending on your license: in Premium license you have more option).


Up to your map you see a banner with commands, among them the "Export". Click it!

You see here the options rolling down the list:

Export Option

You have to know, that all the options on the picture are available only if you pay for Premium license.

Choose the ones you need and save it.

Sharing, embedding

To share the map you find the command bottom at the left corner of the screen. By clicking it you can share map for collaboration with others, or you can publish it on any other place, like your blog embedding the map inside your online text.

Share the map

For embedding, you should choose "Publish", and then "Embed map..." from the panel!

Sharin Options

You will be navigated to another panel, where you find a code, and several options, like the size of the picture.


Copy the code (for example by clicking CTRL+C), and go to the page in your blog, where you want to insert it. (Do not bother with its content!:))

Code for embedding

In your blogpost you should change from "Edit" mode to "HTML", than paste the code (for example by clicking CTRL+V) and save the post. You will see the interaktive map in your text. Your visitors can even edit the map - it is depending on the options you choosed from the options!

Sending a message

  1. At the bottom of the window you see always your name.
your name

If you click it, the navigation bar will change:


  1. Clicking the "Participants", a list appears with the name of the participants.
  2. Click the name, whom you want to send a message to! You will be navigated to the profile of the person with a button Send a message.
  3. You will get a new window where you can write your text, and after having finished the writing you should click again the "Send a message" button.

Your fellow will get the message at once when she/he enters the Moodle.

Submit an assignment

Where are the tasks?
Where we can see a small icon next to the text in the course lessons. feladat ikon
For example in the activities: If you click the tasks in the activities, you receive a task list, with some information: type, deadline, etc..:
 Activities  List
The tasks are available in the course lessons or in the forthcoming events list.
 Asssignments deadlines
If you choose one of the above, the task text will appear, and we can start the solving. The next step depends on the type of the task. If we have to upload a previously done file, such as a Word document, you receive this message:


Click the Browse button and you can browse the file on your PC and click the the Upload button and you are ready. If you have to edit „online” text , scroll down a little and you can find the task test with this message:
Click to edit button and a small text editor window will appear where you can write your text.
Editing your text
 After finishing, click the Save changes button below editor window and you ready.

Saving it