During the last week you (hopefully) created your own LOs - you created digital assets, SCORM packages - using eXe Learning or Reload Editor.

In this week you have to try out the possibility to share your creative work with other teachers. To do so we offer several methods:

1. You can use freeLOms - free Learning Objects management system - is a virtual environment developed by ITD-CNR in Palermo as part of the SLOOP project to

  • share Learning Objects,
  • modify LOs keeping records of the several versions
  • facilitate the production of SCORM-compliant LOs
  • facilitate the transformation of web pages and PPT presentations in SCORM-complaint LOs.
2. You can use our common repository inside this Moodle environment: Tenegen LOs!

3. You can use the Tenegen Sandbox (NetGen), the Moodle environment, where you can try out your LO with your students!

In the first two cases you have to attach metadata to your LO, in order to help others to decide in searching!
Last modified: Thursday, 23 April 2015, 4:43 PM