During the first week, you will be introduced to the general ideas behind the "sharing" philosophy, which is very popular in the software field (maybe you already know that Moodle is "free & open"), but not so common when we talk about educational content.

Producing and sharing free educational content (nowadays described as Open Educational Resources) has been central to the Sloop project, an European funded project on which the Tenegen project is based. In the paper: "The Sloop idea: sharing free/open learning objects", you will learn how the Sloop project has developed the idea that teachers could/should produce open educational resources in a collaborative way.

Finally, in the book "Learning Objects: definitions and characteristics" you will study the basic terms and principles behind the Sloop project and, in general, the other topics of this module.

Let's start!

1. Please read the article "The Sloop idea: sharing free/open learning objects", that was written at the end of the SLOOP project, as an introduction to the whole module.
2. Take into particular consideration the paragraph titled "The critical point of eLearning: the learning materials".
3. Join the forum: "Discussion: do you agree that learning materials are a critical point?", and discuss the question already available there.
4. Read the book "Learning Objects: definitions and characteristics".
5. Complete the 1st week self-assessment test.

Additional Activities:
Remember, you have to document your progress in your learning diary!
Visit the forum, share your own experience!
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