Open Learning Objects are reusable, searchable and interoperable educational resources.
During the 3rd and 4th weeks, you will learn how specific international standards make it possible to build LOs that can be used in different Learning Management Systems (not only Moodle), and describe Learning Objects in such a way that they can found on the Net, wherever they are stored.

Specifically, during the first 10 days, you will learn the basic mechanisms of the SCORM standard, and you will produce SCORM-compliant learning objects in an easy way.

You will be asked to use eXelearning, and you will have the opportunity to better understand the mechanisms of SCORM.

During the last 4 days, you will learn the basic concepts of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata model.

To do:
1. Please, read the book "The SCORM Standard".
2. Produce a SCORM-compliant LO by using eXeLearning or Hot Potatoes.
3. Upload it in your trial Moodle course (just choose "SCORM/AICC" from the "Add an activity" menu when editing mode is on).
4. Read the book: "The IEEE LOM (Learning Object Metadata) model".
5. Try to find SCORM compliant LOs in the repositories and upload in your trial Moodle course.
6. Have you found SCORM resources? Do you find them useful? Do you think there are few or no SCORM LOs on the Net? Reflect on these questions in the "Repositories and Resources" forum (refer to Week 2 learning instructions)
7. Comment on others' posts.
8. Complete the self-evaluation test at the end of these two weeks.

If you want to learn more.
If you want to learn more about the different possibilities to produce SCORM-compliant LOs, you can read the "How to "scormisize" a LO" book , which explains how to transform web pages into SCORM packages (by inserting the javascript functions useful to communicate with the Learning Management System); following, you can read the How to package a LO Book , which explains how to create a SCORM package using Reload.

Additional Activities
The technical language used must not panic anyone: it has been used just to give an idea of the mechanisms connected to standardization. The proposed materials have been devised to allow any teacher of any subject to make their own LO SCORM compliant by means of a few very simple steps.
Evaluation of this week is heavily based on the production of SCORM-compliant Learning Objects through eXelearning (we suggest to try Hot Potatoes as well).
Remember, you have to document your progress in your learning diary!
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