1st week:

During the TC04 module you will get acquainted using Moodle frame system and you will be able to create an own course. We provide an opportunity to try it in practise, to meet the advantages, disadvantages, beauties and pitfalls of the sytem. And if you have tried it, share your experiences with us! We will recompense it with valuable scores!

Let's get started!

  1. Run your eyes over the tasks and if you don't understand anything or refinement is needed you can write to the Agora, it is possible that this information may also be useful for others.
  2. Compare the set out problems in the task and your existing knowledge (for example you have been using Moodle for many years) and try to estimate the time requried for this module. Don't forget the tasks in the course based on each other so it is risky to leave all of them for the last week! Please fill in the self-assessment!
  3. Look for the "Resources, Lessons, Reading" section and click on the little book, with the same title as the module. Start to read the lessons. There will be small tasks in every lesson, you should do them continuously.
  4. If you are not a Moodle-guru, please download Portable-Moodle to your PC and start experimenting with it (find guide in chapter 1.2 ) Everything written in the lessons of this curriculum can be tested in this portable moodle version.


In the "Resources, Lessons, Reading" section TC04 - E-learning activities in Moodle frame system book includes the necessary information for creating a Moodle course. Please review the following sections:

  1. How to use and customize Moodle
  2. Create a course
  3. Add sources (text, webpage, link, etc.)
  4. Add activities (task, chat, blog, forum, etc.)

Other tasks

  • Fill the first week self-assissment form.
  • Download and start to use Portable Moodle from your course site.
  • Carry on your learning diary.
  • Get involved in discussions of the Agora, reflect on the questions.
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