Adding resources (text, web page, reference, etc.)

Linking to file or Web Site

This option allows files to be uploaded and used within a course.

These files can be documents, tables, presentations, PDF files etc.

Choose or upload a file

The Choose or upload a file button lets you select a file from your computer's disk or to choose a file already uploaded -- for whatever reason. The pop-up window shown below allows you to browse through the files already uploaded to choose for the function in mind.


Naturally, you can also upload a new file to the server. To upload a file click the Choose or upload a file button, then browse through your computer's file and then Upload a file.

upload file

Search for Web Page

Clicking on Search for web page button a pop up window will appear with the Google search engine. You can use Google to search the web for a web page which you want to make available as a resource.

Copy the URL and paste it into Location. From here students can link to the web.