Adding activities (assignment, chat, blog, forum, etc.)


The assignment allows teachers to collect work from students.

These can be online text assignments, where students submit, or upload, files of their work, or offline assignments which can remind students of assignments they need to complete (searching, in the library, classroom assignment etc.)

To create an assignment, turn the editing mode on and select Assignment from the Adding an activity menu.

Give the assignment a name, and describe it in detail. Set a number or a descriptive grade for the maximum grade for this assignment. (See the chapter named Assessment of students work). Select the available and due date for the assignment. Allowing late submissions lets students submit assignments after the due date.

Choose the type of assignment from the Assignment type drop-down menu. See the table bellow.

Assignment type

Other settings

Upload a Single File

(When a file is submitted several times only the latest file is retained)

Allow Resubmitting - Students will be allowed to resubmit assignments after they have been graded (for regrading of course)

Advanced uploading of files

(allows to upload several files)

Allow deleting - uploaded files may be deleted before submitting for grading

Allow notes - students may enter notes into the text area

Hide description before available date - if enabled, assignment description is hidden before the opening date.

Offline assignment

(files cannot be uploaded)

Online assignment

(assignments are in text form by using the system's word processor)

Comment in-line - the text submitted is copied into a feedback comment field so teachers can write comments directly into the text

If enabled, teachers are alerted with a short email whenever students add or update an assignment submission.