Assessment of study progress


Evaluation of student work is essential in all forms of education.

It is important for both the students and the instructor to give feedback on the level of the curriculum that has been learned, and for knowledge transfer.

In Moodle all activities can be scored. You can set the maximum score when you define the activities. The tests' evaluation and scoring is done automatically; for other activities there is a need for the teacher or the tutor to do the assessment. Points awarded for each activity are shown in a table. Click on the Grades link in the course Administration block.


The table rows contain the course participants, and in the columns are the activities. The table inside contains the scores for each activity. The right-hand column shows the total score of the assessed activity.

figyeljThe scoring of activities is very important, and so it is necessary to consider how individual tasks weigh up against each other, as this will affect the final, overall result.