TC03 - PowerPoint


Aims of learning Learning objectives

When you have completed this session, you should be able to

  • define term "presentation",
  • create a presentation.


Initial settings

The surface of the program, customization

The user surface of PowerPoint is similar to other Office programs. The primarily difference is the work window located on the left and the notepad page taking most of the space under the slide. The work window appearing on the right is very useful and so is the pain toolbar appearing above the status bar.

Customization of the surface or the toolbars can be done similarly to other Office programs. Only things that differ from the usual are noticed here.

Let us remind to a few commands. For instance, how to reset the work window when it is invisible? To display work window: View/ Work window/ Display Paint Tools: View/Toolbars/Paint. If the left side work window is closed by accident it cannot be turned in from any of the menus. Move the cursor to the left side of the program widow until it turns into this shape and pull the hidden window to the right. The note page under the slide can be displayed the same way.

In terms of customizing the program it is enough to tick boxes for Always Display the Whole Menu at Tools/ Customize or chose Adjust/ Usual and Form Tool. Nothing else must be adjusted .

What is Called Presentation?

Presentation is a demonstration or in proper terms it is a series of slides created to give information by using visual aids. For instance our company, our products can be introduced this way, or we can demonstrate the trend of our income or expense. Portfolio or presentations can be created and made more spectacular at conferences. Moreover, presentations can get more importance in the education. More comprehendible lessons can be held which help learning in a way of having effects on more organs at the same time. Students’ interest can be raised and lessons can be made more exciting with this novelty.

Presentations of family pictures can be created for our own pleasure and for others or funny, small compositions can be made which can be attached to e-mails and sent to people we know. Listing all the features it gives, all the way to ready made is multimedia presentations, is probably useless. Basically four kinds of presentations can be differentiated:

· presentation

· conference

· automatic presentation

· education