SCORM - Sharable Content Object Reference Model - is a collection of standards and specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of Web-based learning content

Specifically, SCORM defines technical rules to:

  • create interoperable, accessible and reusable learning contents;
  • create searchable content or content repositories
  • control how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

SCORM has been developed by the ADL Initiative, etsablished by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1997.

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The ADL Initiative created an international community to collaboratively develop a cost-effective distributed learning model that is consistent across national and organizational borders. To achieve this goal, ADL worked with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-based Training) Committee (AICC), the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc., and the Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring & Distribution Networks for Europe (ARIADNE). These organizations develop guidelines and specifications that make learning software accessible, interoperable, durable, and reusable. Whenever possible ADL adopts, clarifies, harmonizes, synchronizes, and applies the documentation that these standards organizations develop. ADL promotes the application of standards with reference implementations and tools to assess compliance to the requirements. (Source: Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative)

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