SCORM explained to teachers


What should teachers know about SCORM?

SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. Teachers should really be users of the SCORM, and not expert in it (unless for personal or professional purposes, of course!).

This means that teachers should learn how to use software products that allow them to author learning contents in a simple way; all the technical steps necessary to save the content in the form of SCORM-compliant Learning Object should be done automatically by the software in a transparent way. eXelearning and Reload are two examples of these software products.

Nevertheless, some basic concepts of the SCORM should ideally be learned as well, since these software products refer to the SCORM terminology for some operations. Assets, SCO, Content Aggregation, Packaging and Manifest are terms which are normally used in the SCORM world.

The aim of this book is therefore to provide the elementary concepts necessary to understand the basic SCORM terminology.