SCORM explained to teachers

Inside SCORM - Key concepts

Content packages - Packaging

Content Packages contain a collection of learning objects, their metadata, and information about how the content is to be delivered to the user.

<pWithin the package file, there is a "manifest" that defines all of the contents and their relationship to one another (even named imsmanifest, since it conforms to the specifications defined by the IMG Global Learning Consortium).

IMS Package
Source: ADL: The SCORM Content Aggregation Model - Sharable Content Obejct Reference Model, version 1.2

Within the manifest, there is a so-called "organization" that defines the structure of the overall learning experience. The LMS uses the organization to determine what to deliver and when.

Content packages can then be imported and exported to Learning Management Systems or development tools, and they can be therefore exchanged between systems in a standardized way.