SCORM explained to teachers

Inside SCORM - Key concepts

The Run Time Environment

This is the set of specifications to trace activities, in particular to activate the communication between a SCO and a LMS, to exchange data and to finish off the communication.

In this context, "communication" refers to the exchange of data between the LMS (e.g. Moodle) and the Learning Object which is accessed by a student in the LMS.

For example, whenever a learner accesses a SCORM-compliant Learning Object in Moodle, the Run Time Environment launches the SCOs in the LO, and Moodle records some events related to the learner: day and time of access, which parts of the LO the learner has accessed, time spent on each part, grades of tests in the LO, and so on. This process, which is named tracking, is possible only because the LO and the LMS exchange data.