SCORM explained to teachers

Final remarks

SCORM is a model to produce LOs which are interoperable and therefore reusable. This model is becoming the de facto standard with regards to communication rules between the LO and the platform (LMS), and the packaging of LOs so that they can be transported between one repository or a platform to another.

Any teacher who wishes to develop content for elearning only needs to know what SCORM means. The platform and content tool developers should worry about conforming to SCORM. The teacher's role is restricted to pedagogy.

Many teachers have enough ICTs skills to develop their own content in the form of web pages. If this is the case, then they can easily insert into their web pages the few lines tha call the files containing the necessary javascript to make them SCORM compliant. It is also not difficult for them to use software like Reload that allows content aggregation, insertion of metadata and the production of the package.

(Source: Meta LO 3: SCORM standard, Producing & Sharing LOs (EN) course, activated in the framework of the SLOOP project)