OER Repositories

Use this Wiki to list repositories containing resources. They can be repositories managed by European organizations or international repositories containing resources in your language.

Add a new Wiki page for each OER, and add a link to that page on the the Wiki home page.

The page for each wiki should contain instructions to visit the repository; in some cases, the URL of the repository could be enough; but sometimes you could also indicate how to find resources in Hungarian in an international repository, or how to change the repository language into Hungarian. It is up to you: the more information you include, the more interesting your work will be for your colleagues.

In addition, you should include a brief comment on the repository (e.g. if you recommend it).

Before adding a new repository, please be sure it is not already listed there. In case it is listed, go to the corresponding page in the wiki, and add your comment.

Repository of the Academy's Library

Repository of the Academy's Library

URL: http://real.mtak.hu/
Short description:
archive containing full-text publications of research projects funded by OTKA.