Please introduce yourself...

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Re: Please introduce yourself...
by Mária Hartyányi - Friday, 24 September 2010, 10:18 AM
Hi Loreta, nice to meet you here, be welcome :)! What can we offer for you? I think you joined only to the small pilot about concept maps, or? I am sure your student are connected online so much as the students in our country. How to catch them by the same technology they love so much? The web 2.0 tools, like blogs, social networks, concept maps, online storrytelling, video sharing portal (like YouTube), etc. offer the chance to reach them, but we have to discover how? To join to the networked world teachers do not need so many ICT competences, only to find the way for collaboration online with other teachers - to be connected like the children :)! Try to make an experiement - as only as very small part of this course - with Concept Maps!

Ps: I am LdV coordinator and evaluator too - it is not an easy job, do you agree?