Students and teachers

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Students and teachers
by Mária Hartyányi - Thursday, 11 March 2010, 2:29 PM
In the information society the roles of the teachers will change. The scientists tells us that no more will be possible to use only the traditional methods of teaching, the teachers could be no more the only owner of the knowledge. Could you imagine that sometimes your students will take part in the development of the syllabuses? Could happan sometimes that the students and teachers will change their roles?
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Re: Students and teachers
by Pierfranco Ravotto - Saturday, 12 June 2010, 5:40 PM
Hi Maria
you are surely right: teachers aren't the only owner of knowledge.

a primary class
This photo comes from my family album. The teacher, on the right side, is my grandfather Maria. The school year: 1925-26, quite a century ago.
Her competences with the communication tools - books, pencils, pens, newspapers, radio - were surely extremely higher then the ones of her 30 pupils.
But, if a time machine should carry that class in our time? Do you think that teacher's competences in using mobiles, facebook, youtube, google, ... should be higher then the ones of the babies?
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Re: Students and teachers
by Mária Hartyányi - Thursday, 24 June 2010, 9:00 PM
That is a beautiful photo, Pierfranco! (Tomorrow I will attach one of mine too!) If the time machine carried that class into our time, I would be happy. At the early age the only thing what our children need, the love and patiant. I had wonderful teachers, like your grandmother (their name: Lonci and Mariska), I will remember on them for ever!

In this topic I wanted to speak about the teenegers, who may sometimes more skilled in the IT than their teachers. If the teacher is able to notice that, a collaboration can be started, the student may became a partner in the teaching/learning process. What do you think?